A common question we get asked is 'why should I use a straight razor instead of the disposable razor I've always used?'

In short the difference between a safety razor and a straight razor is that safety razors have a head attachment which contain a disposable razor which requires replacement frequently once they become blunt (usually after 2-3 uses). A Straight Razor has a sharpened blade integrated into the handle, this blade is kept sharp by stropping & honing the blade after use and so no replacement is required.

Conclusion - Phew!

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John Di Scala

This is the second day shaving with a straight razor, and it is fun. I got a nice shave, I did cut myself twice. I enjoy being different. I don’t know anyone that shaves with a straight razor.


Just started with mine. Personally I was sick of spending big money on blades all the time and giving money to companies that are getting too political.
Yes I’ve cut myself but with each shave the number of cuts are less and never that bad anyway.