Shaving Cream and Soaps

Your beard isn't the only thing that needs care. So does the skin beneath it.

Keep your skin protected with our range of shaving soaps and shaving creams. Lather with a moisturising shield to prevent your skin from drying out post-shave. Experience a deep clean and a velvety lather with our shaving soaps. For the ultimate traditional wet shave, try a shaving soap bar. 

Still using shaving cream from the high street chemist? We've got you sorted with our velvety shaving creams, created especially for a dense lather and accurately defined lines.

Shaving Cream and Soaps
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Shaving Soap For A Complete Grooming Routine

A regular bar of soap with its airy bubbles falls wide off the mark for the soft, thick lather needed for a wet shave.

Be transported with our assortment of shaving soaps infused with sandalwood, lime and other scents for a relaxing grooming routine. Nourishing and gentle on the skin, a shaving soap bar facilitates a straight razor to glide smoothly as it shaves.

Better yet, they're incredibly long-lasting. Most shaving soaps last up to 6 months — giving you your money's worth.

Not Your Average Shaving Cream

Our luxury shaving creams are designed to create a rich lather and protect your skin during a wet shave. With thick, velvety foam and moisturising while you shave, a luxe shaving cream is a necessity in any man's shaving routine.

Typically lasting 1-2 months, you get a great deal more out of our shaving creams than with the usual high street options. Scented with almond and sandalwood, treat your senses to a shaving cream from the Cut Throat Club range.

A Mark of Sophistication - Accessorise Your Shaving Soap

Because a shaving soap will give your skin the care it needs, it's a key element to your shaving toolkit. Combine your shaving cream with one of our razor blades, chosen by barbers and unmatched in their quality and precision. Get that extra sharp finish by using a shaving strop to restore your straight razor to its former glory.

Whatever tools you use, shaving soap is a fundamental part of your routine. Discover your next soap here.

Shaving Soaps - FAQs

What is special about shaving soap?

Shaving soap protects the skin and adds lubrication across the facial hair. It creates an extra smooth glide to prevent razor burn and skin irritation.

What is the difference between shaving soap and regular soap?

All soaps can lather, but shaving soap has a creamier and richer lather to soften the hair and moisturise the skin.

Is it better to shave with shaving cream or soap?

This is down to personal preference. Some people find a shaving cream retains moisture and hydrates the skin more than shaving soap. For others, the long-lasting nature of shaving soap is appealing.