Leather Strops

You need to look and feel sharp for the day ahead. So does your razor.

With time and use, straight razors become blunt. A leather strop for straight razor shaving sharpens and refines the edges to their former glory.

Leather Strops
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Cutting Edge Shave with Leather Strops

Nobody wants to use an unsharpened razor. With a blunt edge, your shave will need more strokes to deliver the perfect shave. Plus, it's easier to cut yourself with a blunt blade. A leather strop helps your cut throat deliver a peak performance every single time.

Leather Strops: A Cut Throat Essential

Straight razors are prone to collecting hair, soap particles and dust. These result in a poor shaving experience and more nicks and cuts on the skin.

Elevate your grooming routine by adding a leather strop for the sharpest shave. Our range of leather strops comes in various designs and includes brands like Cyril R Salter and Roché.

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Leather Strop FAQs

What is the purpose of a leather strop?

Leather strops are long pieces of leather in a rectangular shape that are used to sharpen a razor. As razors become blunt over time, a leather strop is a necessary tool to ensure the razor maintains its sharpness by re-aligning the blade’s edge.

How do you use a leather razor strop?

You simply run the razor up and down the leather a few times before use. For more specific instructions on how to use a leather strop for straight razor shaving, instruction guides are available on our website.

How long does a strop last?

A leather strop can last up to 4-5 years. To ensure the strop's maximum lifespan, always clean the razor before using the leather side. This prevents any cuts on the leather of the strop itself. Also rubbing leather / stropping balm into the leather periodically will ensure the longevity of the strop.