Shaving Bowls and Scuttles

Nothing feels as good as a hot lather on a cold morning.

Shaving bowls have been around for centuries — that splash of warm water in the morning, the thick lather of the soap. Your grandad will tell you how he used a shaving bowl for his early morning shave to get the lather just right

But on chilly mornings, no one likes a cold shave. Keep your lather warm for a comfortable wet shave with a scuttle. By using a bowl of hot water to keep the lather warm, a scuttle adds a touch of luxury to the occasion.

Shaving Bowls and Scuttles
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Lather Up With A Men's Shaving Bowl

Create a rich and creamy lather with one from our selection of shaving bowls and scuttles — a timeless, practical option.

When used with hard shaving soap, a bowl or a scuttle creates a sumptuous lather that stays warm by resting the brush in the wide spout. This allows excess water and hair to filter out between shaves. Say goodbye to messy bathroom sinks and clogged drains! The bowl and the scuttle both collect the hair and keep your bathroom tidier. To prepare yourself properly before shaving, discover our range of shaving creams and soaps for the best lathering options.

Take a look at our broad selection of shaving bowls and scuttles now.

Shaving Bowls and Scuttles - Gifting Guide

Men's shaving bowls are a splendid gift for the traditional shaving enthusiast.

Our men's shaving bowls and scuttles are classic and stylish. With modern improvements on the traditional design, they create an optimal lather that's fit for every shave.

Choose from sandalwood, ceramic or stainless steel. For a more opulent feel, our gold-plated bowl will be well received. Available in various colours and finishes, a shaving bowl or scuttle has a place in every bathroom.

To give a gift of a great shave experience, pair a shaving bowl and scuttle with one of our shaving kits.

Shaving Bowls & Scuttles - FAQs

What is a shaving scuttle?

A shaving scuttle is a double-walled bowl to keep the lather warm for comfortable shaving. Using warm water, a scuttle is a traditional way of maintaining just the right temperature of lather for your shave.

What is the purpose of a men's shaving bowl?

A shaving bowl helps you control the amount of lather you create and apply for shaving. A men's shaving bowl is the right size and texture for creating an exceptionally creamy lather / foam by hand.

Our shaving bowls come in a range of different types and sizes. Some look like a cup with a handle, others are more bowl shaped. We also have a range of materials available including fine china, metal, sterling silver and even horn! 

Shaving bowls can be referred to as a shaving mug, dish or shave bowl  - They're all the same thing! Browse our range of handmade shaving bowls today!

How to Have a Barber Shop Shave at Home?

Start by wetting your face with warm water using a towel. 

Then grab your soap dish and lather up some shaving soap.

Apply the shaving cream to your face using a shaving brush (this will help add moisture to your face) this process will also aid in preventing irritation.

Now its time to use your safety razor / straight razor and begin shaving using your preferred technique in front of a mirror to make sure you're not going to miss anywhere.

Once you've finished shaving we'd recommend splashing your face with cold water to close up the pores.

Now apply your favourite shaving oil / moisturiser to sooth your face and reduce the appearance of redness not to mention releasing a wonderful scent!