Proper Wet Shaving Equipment Care - Our Guide

Proper Wet Shaving Equipment Care - Our Guide

Thanks to a growing 1920s revival, bespoke fashion, and early 1900s-themed shows, old-school practices are now back in style, especially when it comes to beards and shaving.


With even more men being re-introduced to classic grooming techniques, slicked-back haircuts, clean-shaven faces, and well-groomed beards, the world of classic wet-shaving have become even bigger in recent years. Unfortunately, classic wet-shaving isn’t as easy as taking a disposable multi-blade razor and grooming your facial hair or shaving it all clean off, even more so when it comes to taking care of your shaving equipment after each session.


Caring for your classic wet-shaving equipment made easy

The standard classic wet-shaving set-up is composed of three main parts, namely: a straight razor, shaving brush, and strop. Thankfully, maintaining each piece of equipment in your kit takes no more than a quick wash, prep, and occasional replacement. This means that there’s no excuse to not take care of your shaving equipment.


As soon as you’ve made the well-thought-out move to classic wet-shaving and purchased your first kit, the next step towards having a hassle-free experience is to know how you can best take care of your equipment.


In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about taking care of your new set of prized possessions so that it can last for generations:


  1. Caring for your straight razor

Generally speaking, straight razors don’t call for as much meticulous care as you might expect. If you want your straight razor to last long, follow all the necessary steps and best practices for proper care, as follows:


Before shaving

The most crucial part of caring for your straight razor is stropping it beforehand by rubbing your hand over the belt to wipe it free of dust and dirt and then moving its back and blade gently on the tensioned belt. It is important to keep your strop tight and tensioned throughout the course of this process to avoid causing any potential damage to the cutting edge itself. Once you’ve done 10 to 15 turns on one side, do the previous steps on the other, and you’re ready for a clean shave! 


After shaving

As soon as you’ve finish shaving, the first step is to remove any lather residue and cut hair and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your straight razor, carefully dab it dry with a soft cloth. When it comes to storage until your next shaving session, it is vital to rub your blade with a dollop of acid-free oil (such as camellia or paraffin) and keep it in a well-ventilated area to prevent tarnishing or rust.


  1. Caring for your shaving brush

Throughout the course of any shaving session, your shaving brush is exposed to various degrees of heavy strain which can eventually reduce its service life if you don’t clean it properly.


The best time to clean your shaving brush is after every shave so that you can remove the sediments that may impede or reduce its service life. With regard to best practices, use lukewarm water to remove any remaining bits of hard water, soap, hair, and leather while giving it a few knocks to take out any deeply-embedded sediments. It is important to note that the only way to properly dry your shaving brush is to hang it as it should never be wrung out on a towel or blown dry with a hairdryer because both methods can damage the brush’s soft structure.


  1. Caring for your strop

Having a well-functioning straight razor cannot be achieved without a properly-maintained strop that keeps the blade as sharp as ever for precision-level work. Fortunately, keeping your strop well-maintained doesn’t call for immensely-detailed practices as all you’ll need to do is keep it clean and free of foreign objects while regularly massaging a recommended care product into the leather. In terms of storage, it is recommended to keep your strop far away from direct sunlight or damp and harsh environments to prevent the leather itself from cracking.


Final words

Upgrading your shaving routine with a classic wet-shaving set-up is a great way to give your facial hair the much-needed care and maintenance it deserves. Likewise, it is also important to maintain your equipment with the same amount of care. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily avoid any problems with your equipment and prevent unfortunate examples of damage from taking place!


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