How to Use a Straight Razor to Get Clean Beard Lines?

How to Use a Straight Razor to Get Clean Beard Lines?

Your beard needs the periodic touch-up as it grows in. Many men prefer leaving their beard’s maintenance or trimming task to a trained professional. However, other men like to do their beard trimming or maintenance themselves.

For these men who prefer to style their beards themselves, learning the art of styling their beards using a straight razor can prove a particular skill. Learning this skill has many benefits as it will allow you to maintain and keep your beard in great shape, and also, there will be no need to visit your barber as you can excellently maintain your beard.

Using this skill, you can be able to keep and maintain a designer stubble. It is one of the best beard styles to keep as it does not clash with your hairstyle. It is also the main beard style used by stylish men like Jason Statham or Tom Ford.

Advantages of Having Designer Stubble

Gives you a Mature Look

A stubble beard goes a long way in giving you a mature look if you have a baby face. Besides, a stubble beard will provide you with the essential grown-up vibe you need in your social or dating life. It means that you won’t need to show your ID card when you visit any bar.


Hides your Facial Flaws

Beards play a significant role in hiding your facial imperfections like acne scars or uneven skin pigmentation. A well-defined stubble highlights your jaw and attracts attention to the teeth.


Creating a Designer Stubble Beard Using a Straight Razor

The first step (after purchasing a Straight Razor) is to let your natural beard to grow out. Do not shave for a few days and let the beard grow to a minimum of 3 centimeters. You can also let your beard grow till it gets itchy.

Those whose facial hair grows slowly may take 3 weeks before you have enough beard to work with. For men with the slowest growth of facial hair, 4 weeks of beard growth will be enough.


Steps to Follow to Have a Designer Stubble Beard

Define the Lines

When your beard is fully grown, now it’s the perfect time to style it. Closely look at your beards while holding your head upright in a mirror. At this angle, shave off all the facial hair that is below the chin.

Slant your head backward and place your finger at the top of Adam’s apple. This point is the dividing line between your neck and your beard. Keep this in mind once you begin to shave.


Prepare the Razor

Ensure that the straight razor is sharp before you begin to shave your beard. This blade is preferred as its narrow blade easily carves detailed lines on the beard.


Prepare your Beard

Like most shaving procedures, you must wash your face. Apply a wet towel and rest for a few minutes while the heat from the hot towel and steam softens your beards and follicles. Apply pre-shave to lubricate your skin and whiskers.

Use a badger hair brush to work the shaving cream in, and lift your facial hair away from your skin. It enables a closer shave when you touch your skin with the straight razor.


Trim your Neckline

Start shaving your beard using the straight razor on the spot just above Adam’s apple, and then move on downwards. Continue shaving on one side, ensuring you work your way from the middle moving your straight razor in the outward direction. Always make sure that your shaving position remains under the jawline.

Switch to shaving the other side, and shave in the same manner, moving your straight razor from the middle, working your way outwards. Make sure that your beard line is not too round. The best way to go about it is to try to produce an upward curve.


Trim the Stubble’s Corners

Below your earlobes, trim a line vertically that will correctly connect to the horizontal line below the chin to define your stubbles corners. Trim the stubble chiseled or angular to get a crisp and sharp look. Round it off gently if you want to avoid looking too macho.


Shave the Other Neck Parts

You can now shave the other parts of the neck as your neckline is already defined. Shaving your neck clean will give your beard a neat and clean look.


Trim Your Stubble

For men who find 3 centimeters too long, now is the perfect time to shorten your stubble. Ensuring the stubble looks intentional aims to get a sharp difference between your bare skin and your whiskers. Doing this has additional benefits as your beard will be defined, and the whiskers will get shape.

For efficiency, mainly when your facial hair is more than 3 centimeters, use a beard trimmer. If the beard trimmer is not readily available, use a pair of scissors as they are capable of perfectly evening the growth out.

Along the grain, make sure that you comb the whiskers, and slowly start to increase the amount of facial hair you clip until you reach your desired facial hair length. Factors to consider when deciding the amount of facial hair to keep are how neat you want your beard to look or how thick your facial hair is. Take quality time and do your stubble in layers.


Trim the Area Around your Cheekbones

Beneath your cheekbones, trim this area to develop an oval shape going downwards. Besides, you can make a straight diagonal line running from your sideburn to your mustache’s edge. After this, groom the area that is below your mouth.

Trim the philtrum and the chin as the last places as they are more challenging and are difficult to maneuver. In this area, use a narrow single blade straight razor to pass on this small area easily.


Rinse and Clean your Stubble

After finishing, close your pore by rinsing your beard using cold water. Apply some aftershave, following it up with some beard oil.


Maintain your Stubble and Trim It Regularly

Ensure that you shave and trim your stubble regularly to ensure your stubble’s edges are neat at all times, and you maintain your beard’s preferred length.

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