Have you ever looked at your facial hair and thought it looked a little weak? That perhaps it looks like a strong gust of wind could blow it away, or that the hairs look almost see-through. If so, you’re suffering from a lack of beard thickness and luckily, it’s something we can work at!

In the below guide, I take a look at how to grow a thicker beard and give you three simple steps together with a wealth of tips so you can stimulate hair growth naturally without resorting to beard growth supplements.

Understanding Beard Thickness

Before jumping in to how to increase beard growth, we have to understand how thickness is affected and there are generally four contributing factors – hair follicle diameter, facial hair coverage and density, beard length, and hair colour.

  • Hair colour

    Have you ever noticed that you don’t see many epic blonde beards? This isn’t by coincidence. It’s because lighter hair looks thinner. Darker hair colours like black, dark brown, brown, or ginger absorb light and thus give the impression of greater thickness. 

  • Beard length

    Hairs don’t grow thicker as they get longer – each follicle typically maintains a consistent thickness up to the tip where it tapers off. Therefore, beard length doesn’t scientifically affect thickness. However, it can affect the illusion of thickness.

    Longer hairs are great at covering patches in your beard, and generally, the more facial hair you have, the thicker your beard appears.

  • Facial hair coverage

    The main contributor to a thick beard is your facial hair coverage and density. Basically, the more follicles you have, the thicker your beard will grow and appear.

  • Hair follicle diameter

    Hair follicles are what grow our hairs. These are what determine the thickness of your individual hairs. If you have hair follicles with a larger diameter, the resulting hairs will be thicker which will allow you to grow a fuller beard. Your follicle coverage and diameter is typically genetically pre-determined but can be affected by hormones like testosterone.

Step 1 – Take a Look at Your Lifestyle

I bet most of you didn’t expect the first section of a how to grow a thicker beard guide be about lifestyle? Having a healthy and positive lifestyle are especially important though as there are various scientific links between hair growth and your health.

Get your 8 hours of sleep

I get that you may feel like you can operate on 5-6 hours of sleep per day, but this isn’t ideal. The human body needs rest to recuperate and make repairs. Adults are recommended to have between 7-9 hours of sleep per day and this is something you should try and stick at.

It may take time to alter your sleeping pattern, but once you get into the habit, you will feel so much better. More sleep also helps lower stress levels, and promote testosterone growth which are both important factors for beard growth and thickness.

Maintain a healthy diet

Hair is made from keratin and the growth of this is boosted when it is given the correct nutrients, minerals, and proteins. If you have a terrible diet and eat a load of junk food, the quality, growth, and thickness of your facial hair will suffer.

Therefore, as part of the guide on how to grow a thicker beard, try and improve your diet and eat a healthy array of foods. Make sure you get plenty of vegetables too as they provide vital vitamins like Vitamin C and E. 

Make a hydration revelation

Staying hydrated isn’t a myth and there’s a reason doctors always recommend you drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential for the proper function of our bodies and organs. Staying hydrated also helps our skin and hair follicles and generally, the more hydrated your are, the better and thicker your hair will grow.

It’s generally accepted that you should drink between 2-2.5 litres of fluids per day which equates to around 8 regular glasses. I’ve got a big 2L water bottle that I aim to drink each day, plus various cups of tea, coffee, and orange juice!

Work to reduce stress levels

Work to reduce streHigh stress levels can impact hair growth and this has been scientifically proven. Indeed, there are conditions of temporary hair loss due to stress. This isn’t limited to the hair on your head, and stress can also negatively impact the growth and thickness of your beard.

Take a look at your life and what causes you stress. Perhaps you argue too much, or you work in a stressful environment. Whatever it is, work at reducing your stress levels. When looking at how to grow a thicker beard, I rate this as one of the top tips as less stress should also greatly improve your quality of life.ss levels

Step 2 – Perfect Your Beard Grooming Techniques

When looking at how to grow a thicker beard, making conscious lifestyle choices is just one facet. You have to know how to tame, trim, and enhance your beard so that it can thrive and this is achieved with your grooming techniques.

Don’t shave – Trim

Shaving your beard does not make it grow back faster or thicker. Therefore, if you want to grow a thick beard, trim it, but don’t shave it off fully as you are just hindering your progress.

I always keep my beard shaped with a razor or beard trimmer and this allows me to keep it looking neat and tidy while still allowing it to grow nice and thick.

Skincare is just as important

Did you know that things like dry skin and redness can hinder hair growth and beard thickness due to a lack of blood circulation? Because of this, an important tip for how to grow a thicker beard is to have a regular skincare routine.

Keep your face hydrated and don’t be afraid to use things like moisturizers. I moisturize daily and it not only helps my facial hair, but my face feels great too!

Step 3 – Start a Healthy Beard Care Routine

With the trimming mastered, there are other things you can do as part of your beard care routine to keep your facial hair healthy and boost thickness including beard oils, shampoos, and the magnificent derma roller.

Unleash the derma roller

Derma rollers are primarily used for skincare treatment and working on things like scars but they are a fantastic tool for beard growth and thickness too. They use microneedling to puncture the top layer of your skin which boosts collagen production and improves blood flow.

For beard growth, a derma roller helps promote hair follicle health and growth and allows more nutrients to reach your hairs so that they can grow thicker, faster, and stronger. 

If you invest in a derma roller, make sure you read how to use the device properly as they can be tricky and because your are puncturing your skin with microneedles, there is a small risk of infection. Proper hygiene procedures and maintenance of the roller are essential to prevent bacteria gathering on the needles.

Style your beard

Beards can be made to appear fuller with styling! A beard with hairs poking out here there an everywhere is going to look more sparse than one that’s neatly combed or straightened. Using electric beard straighteners is a great way to achieve a thicker and tidier look.

Invest in a quality beard oil

Most people think that beard oil simply makes your facial hair smell nice and while it definitely does, it helps promote beard growth too and makes your facial hair healthier. The natural oils within these products essentially prevent your beard from drying out and becoming irritant.

Consider using beard oil after a shower or a shave and gently work it into your facial hair. You don’t need to apply half a bottle to your facial hair – around 8 drops should be plenty!

Wash your beard with dedicated shampoo

You wash your hair regularly, right? And you know this helps keep it healthy and gives it a fantastic cocktail of nutrients? So why aren’t you doing the same with your beard?

Next time you jump in the shower and wash your hair, wash your beard too! This gives your beard the same nutrients and minerals and helps maintain its health which is vital for growth and the appearance of thickness.

Don’t just use any shampoo though or that rancid bar of soap you keep washing your armpits with! Instead, consider getting a quality beard shampoo that is specially formulated for use with facial hair.

Let Your Beard Blossom into a Thick Mane Today

I hope you now have inspiration and renewed confidence and are ready to take the next step to true beard dominance. 

These tips on how to get a thicker beard are incredibly easy to follow, and while they will help your thin and straggly excuse for a beard blossom into something bold and beautiful, the wider impact on your life shouldn’t be understated either. 

Improving your diet, hydration, and reducing your stress levels will just make you feel fantastic and help you tackle the world with renewed vigour.

Beard Growing FAQs

There is a simple correlation between facial hair growth and thickness and the longer you let your beard grow, the thicker it should theoretically become. So, while your beard may start off a little slow, as it grows, it should flesh out and become a true manly mane.

It is widely held that our facial hair grows thickest between the ages of 25 to 35. I can attest to this – my dad who is 72 now bless him just can’t grow a beard as thick and luscious as mine whereas in younger years he could.

No! This is a myth and I used to believe it! If this was true, people would be shaving their beards daily and they should grow back overnight, right? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, shaving your beard doesn’t make it grow any quicker.

This depends on your overall hair genetics and ability to grow a beard. However, if you have just shaved your facial hair and it’s growing back, the thickness will improve over time as more follicles grow hairs. The appearance of thickness is achieved by density and length of the hairs.

Conclusion - Phew!

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