Father's Day Shaving Gift Guide

Father's Day Shaving Gift Guide

I find Father's Day gifts to be incredibly difficult to choose – how to pick someone for the man who already has everything?

Shaving is something that every man needs to do at some point even daily for a lot of people, so a tool to improve the shaving experience is always a good bet. 

If your father or partner is the kind of man who values quality and likes to take his time to do things properly and thoroughly then here are some gift ideas he will appreciate: 

 1. Double Edge Razor Kit 

Specifically designed for gift-giving is our most affordable kit - the Double Edge Razor Kit. This comes with a Merkur 1904 Double Edge Razor, a Col Conk shaving soap, a Vulfix Shaving Brush, and some extra blades – all within a locally made Australian wooden box with a sliding lid. 

The box is really easy to wrap and gives a fantastic unwrapping/opening experience.

 2. Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit

By far our most popular kit is our beginner cut throat razor kit. For someone who has never tried shaving with a cut throat razor before, this contains everything needed to get started – a high quality, German manufactured, Dovo Solingen Cellidor Cut Throat Razor, a Muhle badger hair shaving brush, a two-sided Muhle leather strop, and stropping balm – all within our custom, locally made wooden box with a hinged lid, individual compartments, and felt inlay. 

Get the family to put their gift money together and get something that he will treasure forever.

 3. Proraso Shaving Cream 

A great shaving cream, Proraso is a top manufacturer of shaving supplies. If your father has spent his life using cheap and nasty supermarket shaving cream out of a can, then he will really appreciate upgrading to the real thing. This creates a thick lather and does not need a shaving brush to be applied (although that is the preferred application method).

 4. A Badger Hair Shaving Brush 

Many men will have old memories of their parents using a badger hair brush to shave but haven't had an opportunity to try themselves. Badger hair brushes are ideal at holding moisture and make any shaving soap or cream significantly thicker when building it into a lather – making it a much more luxurious experience. 

There are a variety of bristle types and price ranges available.

5. Boker King Cutter Cut Throat Razor 

Another gift idea is to pick an individual straight razor. I have picked out the Boker King Cutter cut throat razor. Again, made in Germany this is a great entry-level razor with a great combination of affordability, quality, design, and aesthetics. 

If you have any other ideas for good gifts or if you gave your father one of these presents then we would be delighted in hearing more in the comments below. 

Conclusion - Phew!

That is everything. If you are interested in shopping with us then check out the Cut Throat Club's product range.
We would love to get your input on any differences of opinion you have or other lessons you have learned that our readers would value - Please leave a comment below.