Every Man's Guide to Traditional Shaving - What to Know

Every Man's Guide to Traditional Shaving - What to Know

Long before the introduction of multiple-blade razors that have drained out the desirability of facial hair grooming, shaving was a much more intricate activity that was akin to being a form of art that called for great attention to detail and a skilled hand. Thanks to the revival of single-blade razors, non-aerosol shaving cream, and “dapper dan” styling, however, a new term has been making waves in the personal care industry in recent years: traditional shaving.


What is traditional shaving?

Traditional shaving is essentially defined as a men’s grooming discipline that entails throwing disposable multi-blade razors and cans of shaving cream in exchange for four basic tools:



The traditional way for shaving continues to work effectively, even with the presence of modern counterparts. The most important part of its core function is providing a great shave. With traditional shaving, men are provided with the chance to master the skill of working with a classic “cut-throat” razor that delivers precise cuts and a smooth finish that can’t be found in any modern shaving options.


As many men are tired of ingrown hairs, terrible finishes, and ridiculous-looking shaping, the traditional shaving has made a glorious return as the perfect choice for those that want more out of every shave.


The components of traditional shaving in greater detail

In traditional shaving, a vital fact that runs deep in the craft is that a perfect shave cannot be attained without having the right parts (or in this case, tools) put into play. If you’re entirely new to the idea of using traditional shaving to your advantage, here’s an introduction to what makes the entire approach work:


 1. Water

Water is one of the most vital components for an effective, clean-cut traditional-style shave because it’s responsible for laying out the groundwork for a perfect finish. Water lubricates your pores and softens your facial hair to become much more cooperative—two vital components for a great shave.


 2. A shaving brush and shaving cream

Once you get to apply water, the next crucial step in preparing your face for a great shave all boils down to a combination of a trusty shaving brush and quality shaving cream.


With the use of high-quality shaving cream, you’ll be able to ease up the process of shaving while nourishing your skin with a few added ingredients in the formula to come up with a perfect end-result. On the other hand, a quality shaving brush is vital because it works as the most effective way to manage the shaving cream and create a great lather.


 3. An old-school single-blade razor

If we’re talking about traditional shaving, then it is imperative to direct your attention towards choosing the right single-blade razor to handle the shaving part itself with great ease.


Although they look like a death device in the wrong hands at first, old-school single-blade razors are an easy-to-use tool that provides the cleanest and most comfortable shave possible. As all it needs is a single sharp blade to get the job done, the traditional shaving razor can be used to focus on creating a clean cut with no fuss, batteries, or tricky mechanisms.


The Bottom Line

Aside from being a great way to appreciate retro 1920s culture and grooming techniques, traditional shaving is the best approach for any man that longs for a clean shave that leaves them feeling as comfortable and confident as possible.


If you’re looking for a wet traditional shave kit or cut-throat razor that can get you started on adopting traditional shaving into your everyday routine, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help. 

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