We all know the trials and tribulations we can face when trying to get through airport security to board a plane. It can be a nightmare and there are so many things to think about! Do I need to take my belt off? Can I take this bottle of water through security?

Another common issue and question that arises is, can you take an electric razor on a plane? Obviously people still want to shave when on holiday or a business trips so this question is only natural and I explore the answers below for UK, USA, and EU airports.

Flight Regulations for Electric Razors

When looking at can you take an electric razor on a plane you have to look at both governmental regulations, but also the regulations of individual airlines. I have listed the most commonly used regulations for electrics razors, cut throat razors, and safety razors below for the UK, USA, and EU:

  • Electric Razors
    • UK: Hand luggage and checked bag.
    • USA: Hand luggage and checked bag.
    • Europe: Hand luggage and checked bag.
  • Straight Razors
    • UK: Checked bag only.
    • USA: Checked bag only.
    • Europe: Checked bag only.
  • Safety Razors
    • UK: Checked bag only.
    • USA: Hand luggage with no blade, otherwise checked bag only.
    • Europe: Checked bag only.

The UK GOV website has a handy list of luggage restrictions[1] while there is a TSA blog[2] too about razors. Both of these websites also have a wealth of information relating to what you can and can’t take in your hand luggage. In most instances, items with sharp edges or blades like razors are not permitted whereas the blades or foils in electric razors are not as dangerous and therefore allowed.

While the above regulations should apply in most instances, I always advise being prudent and checked your flight info and reading the signs before you enter the airport security checking area to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Tips for Traveling With Shaving Equipment

So, as you can see, in most instances it’s perfectly fine to have your electric razor in your hand luggage or checked bag on a flight. But, how can you get the most out of your shaving equipment, and make sure you don’t hit any snags? I have listed some simple tips below.

Place your shaver in a checked bag where possible

Even though you can put an electric razor in your hand luggage, I recommend putting it in your checked bag where possible. This eliminates any potential problems as there is always the chance you get that one cranky security employee who is a little over-zealous about the regulations!

Invest in a travel bag for your equipment

Don’t leave your electric razor or shaving equipment loose in your hang luggage or checked bag. This is a sure-fire way to cause damage and to make a mess. I advise investing in a travel case for your shaving equipment so you can keep it organised.

Make sure you have the right travel adapter

I’ve made this mistake before where I’ve packed the wrong adapter and not been able to use my shaver! Remember that different countries have different plug sockets! 

Electric shavers usually include a two-pin charger which can work fine with standard EU two-pin sockets but you will need an adapter for the USA and non-EU countries. This handy Skys

Travel Safe With Your Electric Shaver and Enjoy a Hassle-Free Flight

So, can you take an electric razor on a plane? Yes, in most cases! Electric shavers don’t pose an issue and most governments and airlines allow them to be placed in both your hand luggage and checked bags. I always recommend checking before arriving at the airport though to avoid delays.

[1] – GOV.UK – Hand Luggage Restrictions at UK Airports

[2] – TSA Blog – Top Five Items People Ask About

[3] – Skyscanner – Your Ultimate International Travel Plug Adapter Guide

Conclusion - Phew!

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