For those of us who grow a beard, the toughest part of the process has to be the care and upkeep. Most beardless people don’t realise the care and attention that goes into maintaining a masterful mane! It can be hard work and whatever can be used to make the job easier is welcomed and this is where a beard grooming kit is invaluable.

As you will see below, the best beard grooming kits include a comprehensive set of tools so you can trim, wash, and care for your facial hair with ease. If this is something that you feel you would benefit from, continue reading my guide on how to create the best beard grooming kit below.

Achieving the Perfect Facial Hair Look

So why bother with the best beard grooming kits? Well, these kits and tools are essential if you want to look well-groomed and have facial hair that others envy. Like the hair on your head, facial hair requires care and attention.

If you don’t groom your beard, it can soon become dirty, wild, and this diminishes your overall appearance whereas if you use a beard grooming kit, you will feel better in yourself, look better, and impress with your perfect facial hair.

Essential Items for Your Beard Grooming Kit

There are some excellent beard grooming kits available such as the Dovo Beard Care set, and Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Grooming Set, but I find it just as rewarding to build your own kit for a more personal touch and to get the items you need. Therefore, I have listed common items included in the best beard grooming kits together with some example products.

Beard Comb

A fine-toothed beard comb is one of the most important products in your beard grooming kit. It can be used in two ways. Firstly, use a beard comb to brush your beard and keep it neat. 

Secondly, I like to put a few drops of beard oil onto my comb and comb it through – I find this can work better sometimes compared to massaging the beard oil. Just make sure that you clean and rinse the comb thoroughly after to remove the excess oil.

You can get a wide range of beard combs but I like to have one that has both wide and fine teeth on it so that I can style my facial hair in different ways.

Trimming Scissors

Now, some people prefer to use a proper electric beard trimmer like the Cordless Beard Trimmer from Cut Throat Club, but other prefer to use a trusty pair of trimming scissors. Whichever you prefer, either item has to be a part of your beard grooming kit.

The idea is simple – keep your beard trimmed and cut those stray hairs so that your facial hair has definition and looks neat. I like using a trimmer or scissors to neaten my moustache and make sure my facial hair has a defined line underneath my jaw.

Beard Brush

A beard brush should not be confused with a beard comb and they serve a separate purpose but are both essential items for the best beard grooming kits. A beard brush, much like a hair brush is meant to untangle your facial hair and keep it looking sleek. First, you use the beard brush to smooth out the hair, after that, you use the comb for styling.

The bristles are usually thicker and a great example is the Dovo Oval Beard Brush, just don’t confuse it with something you would use to buff your shoes!

Beard Oil

I have a fascination with beard oil ever since I’ve started using it years ago and I can’t get enough of the stuff! Beard oil is essential for keeping your facial hair hydrated, and protecting the natural oils your hair produces. Typically, you should massage a few drops of oil into your beard after showering.

There are so many different types of beard oil including options like Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil, and the Enriching Beard Oil from Roche. When selecting oil for your beard grooming kit, consider the scent and fragrances you like and the application method – ideally the bottle should have a pipette lid.

Beard Wash/Shampoo

Now, you can use standard shampoo on your beard such as the old faithful Head and Shoulders, but I prefer to use special beard wash or beard shampoo. Our facial hair and head hair usually has a different consistency so having a beard wash in your beard grooming kit is ideal.

You use beard wash exactly as you would shampoo and it saves the same purpose – to clean and nourish your facial hair. I like the scent and consistency of Morgan’s Beard Wash and the handy pump bottle makes it easy to use too.

Grooming Tips to Transform Your Beard into a Masterpeice

With the best beard grooming kit created, you need to know how to use it properly! I want you to change your mindset and not see your beard as a chore, but a challenge to relish and your beard grooming kit is an essential part of mastering that challenge. Below, so you can get the best use out of your tools I have provided some simple tips.

Make Beard Grooming a Regular Habit

You can’t expect to keep an immaculate mane of facial hair if you only take care of it sporadically. Beard care and grooming has to become part of your regular routine and I advise incorporating it into your daily self-care schedule. I have incorporated my beard grooming regime into my body care routine while showering and after cleaning my teeth for example.

Wash Your Beard Regularly With Specialised Shampoo

I find it surprising how many men don’t wash their facial hair and it amazes me. You wash the hair on your head regularly, right? So why aren’t you doing the same with your beard? Wash your facial hair using the beard wash or specialized shampoo from your beard grooming kit several times per week.

I usually wash it at the same time I wash my hair and I do this on alternative days so 3-4 times per week. You don’t need to wash your beard daily as this can cause your hair to dry out and lose some of its natural oils.

Dry Your Facial Hair Gently

I get that you want to dry your hair and facial hair quickly, but roughly and abruptly rubbing it with a towel is not the best way. By applying excess force and pressure with a towel you can actually damage your facial hair and head hair and increase the number of hairs that fall out.

Instead, pat-dry your facial hair with a towel or use a blow-dryer. This is less damaging for your facial hair in the long run.

Trim Your Beard Regularly for Neatening

This tip really depends on how you want to style your beard – some people (myself included) prefer a neat beard that has a defined line and structure. Others love letting it grow wild with no order or neatness and both approaches are fine!

However, I still advise trimming your beard regularly using the scissors from your beard grooming kit. Trimming helps train the hairs in which direction to grow and can prevent things like ingrowing hairs or a beard that becomes too wild.

Tame and Style Your Beard Today With a Beard Grooming Kit

I hope you have found this guide on the best beard grooming kit useful and now have some ideas to formulate your own beard care toolkit. Remember that the best beard grooming kits include a comb, brush, scissors, beard oil, and beard wash, and should ideally have a nice travel bag for carrying convenience.

With your beard grooming kit created, you can turn your mess of tangled growth into a sleek, trimmed, and healthy mane of facial hair that complements your overall appearance!

Beard Grooming Kits FAQs

The best beard grooming kit contents can vary depending on personal preference and how you keep your beard. However, I recommend a pair of scissors for trimming, a beard brush and comb to train the hair, and get rid of tangles. Beard oil and beard wash or shampoo are also essential items for the health and appearance of your beard.

Beard oil or beard balm is essential for the health and appearance of your beard. Massaging these products into your facial hair can imbibe it them with nutrients and minerals, but also help keep your hair’s natural oils intact. These products also have an amazing scent and can keep your beard soft and easy to comb.

I wouldn’t go without a beard grooming kit now and I feel they are certainly worth it. If you care about your personal appearance and facial hair, these kits are a must-have. You can keep your facial hair looking great, easy to manage, and healthy.

Morgan’s Moustache and Beard Grooming kit is a great option that includes beard oil, a brush, styling wax, and beard wash. Dovo also has a great grooming kit that concentrates more on styling and includes a shavette, beard scissors, comb, and tweezers.

Conclusion - Phew!

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