If you are serious about shaving then you want a complete kit including a razor, strop, skincare products, and of course, a shaving brush.


Many people overlook the shaving brush and feel they can simply make a lather of shaving cream by massaging it into their face. While this is possible, a shaving brush always gives better results. You can work the cream easier and get a much more complete lather.


The result is that your razor will glide across your face and neck with no issue. But which type of shaving brush is the best? There are several options available including synthetic, horse hair, hog hair, and badger hair shaving brushes. All have their pros and cons.


In this article, we look specifically at two natural shaving brushes – badger and horse hair. We delve into their history and usage, and which one is better in the badger hair vs horse hair brush debate.

Which Shaving Brush is Better? Badger or Horse Hair

We hope you have found this guide on shaving brushes useful! As you can see both badger and horse hair brushes have pros and cons and neither is perfect.

But which one is right for you? If you are a beginner and just starting to wet shave, a horse hair brush is the better option. This is because they are generally cheaper and could be a great stepping stone as you get used to how they work, before investing in a more expensive badger option.

If you want the ultimate in quality and have plenty of experience using shaving brushes then badger hair is the top choice. It allows you to create a better lather, is generally easier to maintain, and can feel softer on your skin.