Shaving brushes are an essential item as part of your grooming regime. They allow you to create a lather of shaving cream or gel and apply it easily to your face and neck. The cream then enhances your shaving process and should help reduce irritation and cuts but also allow you to get smoother end results.


There is an incredible range of shaving brushes to choose from and this can make it difficult. Which one is suitable for your skin? Is one type more effective than another? These are tricky questions and in the below guide we aim to clear up the confusion.


Two common types of shaving brush are synthetic and badger hair. Both have their pros and cons and could be an excellent choice for your male grooming. We look at the differences below, and see if there is a clear winner.

Which Shaving Brush is Better? Synthetic or Badger Hair

We hope you now have a clearer idea of the pros and cons of these shaving brushes. There is no denying that synthetic brushes represent the more ethical choice. Many manufacturers like Dovo simply don’t provide info on how the badger hair is obtained. As a result you can’t be sure either way if any cruelty was involved.


Regardless, if there is a clear indication that the badger hair was obtained responsibly and without cruelty, then they generally are a superior option that helps create a better lather.